I can’t anymore. I feel like im dying, but im not. I don’t want to live. Theres too much pain in this world. I cant handle it. I don’t want to breathe. With each breath there’s pain. I don’t want to be in pain. Im tired of it. How can I move on? I want to live but die at the same time. 

These days I just feel alone and sad. I feel no one cares about me. Everyone is lost in their own world. Does that mean it is okay for you to not care about those around you? Isn’t the middle path better than going to extremes? How do I tell people this? What do you say to those who are purposely ignoring you? How do you explain to them that you feel mental and physical pain all the time?

I try to stay positive most of the times, but everyone has bad days. I guess today is one of my bad days. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for everything in my life but isn’t it a human emotion to feel hurt by peoples actions? If you knew your presence and words have such a strong influence on others would you still purposely hurt them? Or is that a sign they really dont care?

I guess I need to sleep it off. Take a look at the poem I wrote:

Today I feel sad. 
I feel like something is wrong. 
You are not the same with me. 
Is everything okay?
Are you okay?
Man, what’s wrong?
I feel so sad. 
Please help me take this sadness away.
I miss you. 

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